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We’re offering members of the public who share our vision the opportunity to invest in our company. Invest as little as $100 and help us improve senior care.


The senior housing search platform built for families - not referrals.

One Solution for Two Problems

One Solution for Two Problems

We are addressing two of the biggest problems in the senior housing industry. There is a labor shortage affecting the quality of services, and families have a tough time finding the right senior living options. Read more here: About Us

Helping Jobseekers and Employers

Helping Jobseekers and Employers

Through advanced technologies and partnerships, we are addressing labor shortages for all positions ranging from caregivers to senior living corporate jobs. Not only are we providing real-time benchmarking tools for both jobseekers and employers, but we are coordinating with channel partners so more people can find great careers in senior living.

Helping Families

Helping Families

Most referral websites have contracts with senior living operators, and the referral websites receive commissions or referral fees for bringing you to those corporate sponsors. The referral websites have an incentive to steer you to more expensive options... even if that means they are an hour away from your intended location. We have decided to provide all information to you for free. We earn revenues through the job board and other tools for senior living operators.

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